Nicolas Makelberge – The Unforgettable Planet

Einstein said that he wanted to know how God thinks. On my behalf, I’m not as interested in what he thinks compared to how he might feel. In both cases it’s fairly presumptuous to assume we can think what God thinks, even to feel what God feels. However silly, or not, we keep on trying, and seem pretty darn content with some of our achievements, these scientific and artistic shadows – the food for our own imagination. Maybe, it all taken together paints a rather compelling picture, aids us through our moments here that would otherwise be utter darkness. “I only compose a song in hope to catch God in three minutes of sound. I always fail of course and have to start all over again.”

As we all know, emphasis on the rational versus the intuitive is largely the difference between science and art, these two modes of being, and the various blends of these, constituting the basic difference between artists and scientists. What they have in common though is a distinguished need to formulate and make sense of the world as experienced – through their own chosen language, be it mathematics led by science, or music led by art. And as our lives are both witnessed or experienced without and within, science is painting this absolutely astonishing picture from without, while art does the same from within.

“It is a truth, finally, about creatures, in whose minds, far more deeply interfused than any scientific hypothesis or even any archetypal myth, is the Something whose dwelling is everywhere, the essential Suchness of the world, which is at once immanent and transcendent – “in here” as the profoundest and most ineffable of private experiences and at the same time “out there”, as the mental aspect of the material universe, as the emergence into cosmic mind of the organization of an infinity of organizations perpetually perishing and perpetually renewed.” – Aldous Huxley

“Understanding” in these two realms is what’s makes living exciting and how we explore both outer and inner space. When art manages to communicate our inner experience of this world, it helps us access the deepest modes of satisfaction available to the human personality, then among each-other we rejoice, and celebrate our moment of “understanding”. “Do you FEEL what I FEEL?” Or we might just look at each other and smile. If you feel art, you have no questions, need no more answers, you understand. Art IS the answer. The same goes for science. “Do you THINK what I THINK?” Yes! Let’s have a cigar! Let’s celebrate! And so on and on it goes.

We need to understand. It’s in our nature. Nothing frustrates us more than not understanding. Be it the rational or the emotional. Living in what to us seems like chaos invokes a tremendous anxiety to our species. Understanding on the other hand makes us feel whole, not needing answers, not having any further questions, if only for the fleeting moment, brings us happiness.

New generations come, old leave us, along with their answers. New poets and scientists appear to come to our aid, reformulate and redefine our Universe, our sense of place and purpose. We are not adrift alone in empty space, ladies and gentlemen, whatever mission we might be on here on earth is up to our imagination. God was kindhearted enough to leave some of the making of this world (fun) up to us.

– Nicolas Makelberge

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