EMOTION is a music label and publishing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever present, ever changing.

Nunzio Fattini – Bat Classical

  1. Diego
  2. Sacristan
  3. Love Yawn
  4. Floor
  5. Lantern Book
  6. Wine
  7. Caribou
  8. Soldier
  9. Hey
  10. Ribbon
  11. Pastronomy

A new batch of compositions from Nunzio Fattini.

Album released in May, 2017.

Kalle J – Strand

  1. Strand

Strand är River Phoenix när han står på en landsväg och pratar för sig själv i På drift mot Idaho, och sen får ett narkolepsianfall.

Single released in April, 2017.

Karl X Johan – Twisted Up

  1. Twisted Up

Getting it right once in a while is still worth it. Here's some Koh Phangan beach party music for you.

Single released in March, 2017.

Chrysanthemum Bear – Prophecy

  1. 3 Ravens
  2. Moh Ye
  3. Graphene 1b for Jeremy
  4. Slow Dancing
  5. Land of the Skywalkers
  6. Cathal
  7. Prophecy
  8. I should go abroad
  9. Peace has assembled from every direction
  10. FARFAX

Album released in May, 2016.

Chrysanthemum Bear – 3 Ravens

  1. 3 Ravens

Who’s this that’s killed my own true love?

Single released in May, 2016.

Chrysanthemum Bear – Graphene 1b For Jeremy

  1. Graphene 1b For Jeremy

Single released in April, 2016.

Hound – Hunger

  1. Hunger I
  2. Hunger II (Swarm)

Hypothalamus embodied
Frankenstein’s monster on public transport
Wolf turned man when the moon disappoints
Haemorrhaging spoken word as a symptom

EP released in September, 2015.

Written and produced by Hound.

World Tour – Owe You

  1. Intro
  2. Behind
  3. I Don’t Know What To Say
  4. Love
  5. Owe You

Five inseparable tracks of crushing emotive power.

EP released in June, 2015.

Written and produced by World Tour.

Nottee – Do You Love Me

  1. Do You Love Me

Nottee is back at her self producing best, with a warm breeze of unfiltered truth.

Single released in May, 2015.

Written and produced by Nottee.

Priest – Priest

  1. The Game
  2. Heartbeats
  3. White Nights
  4. Staring At The Walls
  5. Broken
  6. Strong Hearts
  7. When The Strings Are Gone
  8. Day Drinking
  9. Waiting For The End To Come
  10. Lying On Your Grave

Self-titled album from Priest. 10 tracks to caress you smoothly, sparkle up your life and fuck you over.

Album released in May, 2015.

Written and produced by Priest.

Priest – Staring At The Walls

  1. Staring At The Walls

Single released in April, 2015.

Written and produced by Priest.

Priest – Strong Hearts

  1. Strong Hearts

Cotton candy for the ears.

Single released in April, 2015.

Written and produced by Priest.

Priest – Broken

  1. Broken

Single released in March, 2015.

Written and produced by Priest.

Priest – The Game

  1. The Game

In your eyes there’s a fire that I could use.
To see through the darkness of my life.

Single released in February, 2015.

Written and produced by Priest.

Karl X Johan – Is This Love

  1. Is This Love

“We recorded this song by Whitesnake a while back but then just sort of forgot about it. It didn’t fit with what we were doing at the time I guess. We still like it though. Hope you like too.”

Song released in April, 2015.

Song by Karl X Johan.

Martin Luuk – Did You Know I Was In Love With You

  1. Did You Know I Was In Love With You

You think that you can turn friendship into love, but you can’t.

Single released in November, 2014.

Words and melody by Martin Luuk. Instruments and production, Isak Sundström.

Olsson – Dimma

  1. Dimma
  2. Lambada

Swedish smalltown hero Olsson’s first single is a package holiday to your inner self, to loneliness, to your childhood, through your parent’s home, into your future, beyond love and over the mountains, through the sun.

Single released in September, 2014.

Written and produced by M. Olsson.

Karl X Johan – A Better Tomorrow

  1. A Better Tomorrow

A minotaur crossing the Atlantic, in the name of love.

Single released in June, 2014.

Written and produced by Karl X Johan.

Priest – Samurai EP

  1. Samurai
  2. Isn’t It So
  3. Sophie K
  4. Enemy Mind

The fastest and most expensive car you’ll drive this year.

EP released in April, 2014.

Written and produced by Priest.

World Tour – Surreal

  1. Surreal

“Surreal” marks the first single from World Tour since 2012. On their nearly two-years spent off the radar, the band describes going “back to the mountains convinced they couldn’t return until they had forged the music equivalent of the sword Excalibur”.

Single released in February, 2014.

Written, performed and produced by World Tour.

Martin Luuk – Jag vill dö

  1. Jag vill dö

Julen är en underbar tid. Varm och murrig. Man kan vara med familjen. Man kan få presenter. Man kan vara ledig.

Julen kan också vara en vidrig tid. Om man är ensam och inte har nånstans att ta vägen, kan det vara den värsta tiden. Det är svinkallt ute och det lyser varmt och färgglatt i de andras fönster.

Jag har sett en kvinna löpa amok på tunnelbanan på julafton. Sjunga glatt och dra av sig kläderna.

Jag har sett en vuxen man dra ner byxorna och bajsa på Stora Nygatan i mellandagarna.

Själv har jag mest tagit ut det på mig själv. Suttit ensam hemma och ruvat på min plan.

Julen är en underbar tid. Den förtjänar sina fina melodier och sina glada sånger. Julen är också en usel tid och även den tiden förtjänar sina fina melodier och euforiska sånger.

Det här är en julsång till alla som kan finna hopp, glädje och värme i den! Eller bara en motvikt till allt det andra.

God jul!

Martin Luuk

Single released in December, 2013.

Melody and lyrics by Martin Luuk. Produced by Henning Fürst. Musicians: Isak Sundström & Henning Fürst.

Nicolas Makelberge – Born From The Sun

  1. Øresund
  2. Believe In Asians
  3. May Peace Be By Your Side
  4. Nightfeeder


divine seed.


don’t move for 200 years, only sway in the wind with feet safely anchored knee-deep in earth.


your restlessness? A restless tree, what a sad humor. A petty joke.


travel in generations, each contracted for a lifetime.


wonder if they gossip. The Oak to the birch about their far and away offspring exploring the outer perimeters of biology.


about the frontier, cutting edge. Voices from the rim.


letter from a pigeon every now and then from a lonely oak who pushed himself beyond the tree line. One who went for it. One of awe. In a spectator sport cheered on by thousands of applauding leaves in the wind.


a species. An ambassador saying “I work alone”, reluctant to represent his masses.


unproven breed, a divine seed.

– Nicolas Makelberge

EP released in December, 2013.

Written and produced by Nicolas Makelberge.

Karl X Johan – Never Leave Me

  1. Never Leave Me

If you love someone, never set them free.

Single released in June, 2013.

Written and performed by Karl X Johan.

Karl X Johan – Do You Remember / Get It All – Remixes

  1. Get It All (feat. Kelow)
  2. Do You Remember (Mitch Murder Remix)
  3. Get It All (Bam Spacey Remix)
  4. Get It All (Sum Comfort Remix)
  5. Get It All (Merely’s You Don’t Want Me Edit)

You can get it all, anyway you like it.

EP released in May, 2013.

Kalle J – Inget att förlora

  1. Inget att förlora

It’s been a long time since our friend Kalle J was around, mainly because of his endeavors with Karl X Johan. One day he will be back with an album. This possessed underwater hymn is a huge comfort, for now.

Single released in September, 2012.

Performed by Kalle J. Harmonica by Erik Hogfeldt. Written by Kalle J, Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson.

Karl X Johan – Do You Remember / Get It All

  1. Thriller
  2. Do You Remember
  3. Get It All

Like a slow and steady climb, the journey continues...

EP released in October, 2012.

Written and produced by Karl X Johan.

Rowan Martin – Just A Little Taste

  1. Just A Little Taste

American night radio and British lyricism relived through a 22 year old West London moonlight masochist.

Single released in August, 2012.

Written and performed by Rowan Martin. Produced by Jordan Page.

Rowan Martin – Déjà Vu

  1. Déjà Vu

American night radio and British lyricism relived through a 22 year old West London moonlight masochist.

Single released in August, 2012.

Written and performed by Rowan Martin. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jordan Page.

World Tour – Forever Tonight

  1. Forever Tonight

Music that could only have been made among the remote hills of northern Sweden. Welcome to Emotion, World Tour, protectors of the realm. Don’t ever leave Funäsdalen.

Single released in June, 2012.

Written and produced by World Tour.

Martin Luuk – A Gentleman’s Story

  1. A Gentleman’s Story

I was young
I didn’t have much fun
I walked the streets alone
In mother’s evening clothes

I didn’t know
What I was looking for
I had no clue
’Til I found you

You glanced at me
Down by the urinal
You took my hand
And showed me what I am

My world was never yours
Your tastes far superior
I went out as you came in
So I just walked back in again Each gentleman
Has some poison in his soul
His manners and demeanour
Keep his turmoil in control

Whereas a young man like me
Was susceptible to the poisoned seed
I knew my fate was sealed
The day you planted it in me

Now 40 years
Have come to pass since then
40 years
Of pain and shame and longing

My kids are grown
They have kids of their own
At nights I sit alone
And write my little sad stories Of dreams that were
But never came to be
Of sad and tired lives
And a gentleman’s needs

My world was never yours
Your tastes far superior
I went out as you came in
So I just waltzed back in again

Each gentleman
Keeps some poison in his soul
But my all year tan and starched white shirts
Keep my turmoil in control

But once in a while
There are holes in my control
So while my wife’s still sleeping
I head back to the old urinal

Each time God blinks His eyes He gambles with my soul

Single released in June, 2012.

Written and performed by Martin Luuk. Produced by Henning Fürst.

Fanuelle – Fanuelle

  1. I’ve Been Killing, So
  2. Dirty Loverstuff
  3. Order
  4. Rough Stuff
  5. Body Romana
  6. Lille
  7. J
  8. Here Is A Life
  9. Million
  10. Time Stand Still
  11. You Can Fall In Love
  12. Under The Rose
  13. I Live For The Holy Name

Nunzio Fattini’s masterpiece of a first album.

Album released in March, 2012.

Written and performed by Fanuelle.

Duvchi – Turtleduvs

  1. Turtleduvs
  2. Turtleduvs (Boeoes Kaelstigen Remix)

Awarded best song 2011 by Swedish Radio.

Single released in October, 2011.

Written and performed by Duvchi.

Emotion Remixes 2011

  1. Nottee – Don’t Waste Your Light On Me (Nicolas Makelberge Remix)
  2. Nottee – Share This (Ultracity Epic String Dub)
  3. Karl X Johan – Fantasies (CFCF Remix)
  4. World Tour – Fantasies

I want to make a dragon’s head, an angel, a devil – or perhaps a saint – out of stone. It does not matter which; it is the sense of satisfaction that counts. Regardless of whether I believe or not; whether I am a Christian or not, I would play my part in the collective building of a cathedral.

Released in November, 2011.

Nicolas Makelberge – Welcome to emotion

  1. Welcome to emotion

Given only to Minna Enström.

Single track released in June, 2011.

Nottee — Don’t Waste Your Light On Me / Share This

  1. Nottee - Don’t Waste Your Light On Me
  2. Share This

Double A-side 7″ single.

Single released in March, 2011.

Written and performed by Nottee. Produced by Nottee and Henning Fürst.

Karl X Johan — Fantasies

  1. Fantasies

Loaded with medieval flutes and a dark age mentality, this one aims to smash through your emotional wall. Lower your guard.

Single released in February, 2011.

Written and performed by Karl X Johan.

Hwasser – The Video Dept.

  1. The Video Dept. (Hwasser Remix)

At last, Hwasser returns from a prolonged vacation following the tiresome and draining Klaus Kinski-like havoc experience that was “About that promise”. Never had so much music been recorded through so many recording channels by so few, they say.

Now please enjoy this sax-drenched take on The Radio Dept.’s “The Video Dept.”.

Released in December, 2010.

Nicolas Makelberge – The Unforgettable Planet

  1. Catalysis
  2. Art Begins Where We All End
  3. Figurehead
  4. The Unforgettable Planet
  5. The Promiscuity Of The Failed Romantic
  6. The Spiral Escalator
  7. Hunt Those Dogs Into The Sea
  8. Don't Let Anyone Cross This Desert Alone
  9. When Your Arms Will Be Beyond My Reach

Einstein said that he wanted to know how God thinks. On my behalf, I’m not as interested in what he thinks compared to how he might feel. In both cases it’s fairly presumptuous to assume we can think what God thinks, even to feel what God feels. However silly, or not, we keep on trying, and seem pretty darn content with some of our achievements, these scientific and artistic shadows – the food for our own imagination. Maybe, it all taken together paints a rather compelling picture, aids us through our moments here that would otherwise be utter darkness. “I only compose a song in hope to catch God in three minutes of sound. I always fail of course and have to start all over again.”

As we all know, emphasis on the rational versus the intuitive is largely the difference between science and art, these two modes of being, and the various blends of these, constituting the basic difference between artists and scientists. What they have in common though is a distinguished need to formulate and make sense of the world as experienced – through their own chosen language, be it mathematics led by science, or music led by art. And as our lives are both witnessed or experienced without and within, science is painting this absolutely astonishing picture from without, while art does the same from within.

“It is a truth, finally, about creatures, in whose minds, far more deeply interfused than any scientific hypothesis or even any archetypal myth, is the Something whose dwelling is everywhere, the essential Suchness of the world, which is at once immanent and transcendent – “in here” as the profoundest and most ineffable of private experiences and at the same time “out there”, as the mental aspect of the material universe, as the emergence into cosmic mind of the organization of an infinity of organizations perpetually perishing and perpetually renewed.” – Aldous Huxley

“Understanding” in these two realms is what’s makes living exciting and how we explore both outer and inner space. When art manages to communicate our inner experience of this world, it helps us access the deepest modes of satisfaction available to the human personality, then among each-other we rejoice, and celebrate our moment of “understanding”. “Do you FEEL what I FEEL?” Or we might just look at each other and smile. If you feel art, you have no questions, need no more answers, you understand. Art IS the answer. The same goes for science. “Do you THINK what I THINK?” Yes! Let’s have a cigar! Let’s celebrate! And so on and on it goes.

We need to understand. It’s in our nature. Nothing frustrates us more than not understanding. Be it the rational or the emotional. Living in what to us seems like chaos invokes a tremendous anxiety to our species. Understanding on the other hand makes us feel whole, not needing answers, not having any further questions, if only for the fleeting moment, brings us happiness.

New generations come, old leave us, along with their answers. New poets and scientists appear to come to our aid, reformulate and redefine our Universe, our sense of place and purpose. We are not adrift alone in empty space, ladies and gentlemen, whatever mission we might be on here on earth is up to our imagination. God was kindhearted enough to leave some of the making of this world (fun) up to us.

– Nicolas Makelberge

Album released in October, 2010.

Written and performed by Nicolas Makelberge.

Karl X Johan – Flames

  1. Flames
  2. So ON

Single released in February, 2011.

Written and performed by Karl X Johan.

Fula Edith – En dag blev vi stora

Fula Edith – En dag blev vi stora är en skamlös berättelse som inte grottar ner sig i offerskap eller sentimentalitet. Den svävar längst ut på kanten av alla känslor och är en allt-är-sant-berättelse i A5-format.

Book published in June, 2010.

Omslag: Martin Ander
Formgivning: Mattias Förnell
Redaktör: Tomas Hemstad

White Ring / oOoOO – Roses / Seaww

  1. White Ring – Roses
  2. oOoOO – Seaww

This was San Fransisco’s wiz oOoOO and New York witches White Ring’s debut singles. A release that helped shape a genre.

Split single released in March, 2010.

By White Ring/oOoOO.